Dragonblood Galaxy

The year 3101. Ninety-eight years since the dragons came to Earth and gave us the secrets of interstellar travel. Humanity has spread throughout the galaxy on the blood of dragons, to find its new place among the stars. Dozens of other races we might once have called ‘aliens’ have been living here for millennia, barely acknowledging humanity's slow evolutionary ascent. We are the last known sapient race to join the Draconic Assembly.

You are a tiny crew of traders trying to make ends meet in a dangerous and brutal galaxy. Without a home, without opportunity, without any idea where your next job is coming from or what it will cost, there's only one thing you can count on — each other.

Dragonblood Galaxy is a new roleplaying game primed by Cortex about daring adventures in space, murky political realities, and the calculation of risk.

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